Tips To Install Glass Brick Walls In Style

December 10, 2019

Interior Design and Decorating

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The design and installation of glass brick walls is quite distinctive as it is both functional and aesthetically appealing. The glass blocks are tensile and durable enough to be used as exterior walls. It allows ample sunlight into the rooms and protects the home from wind and snow. In most of the modern homes, these blocks are used to create a half wall, partition for rooms or full walls. It is available in a huge variety of colors, finishes and styles.

Steps To Install Brick Wall:

Shape: Before beginning the installation process, it is essential to know the shape of the wall. These walls can be built in any shape according to individual requisites. There are walls with straight shapes which are quite easy to build. Such walls can be installed with finished bull nosed end blocks. Curved walls can be installed for showers as it is quite cost efficient compared to the other designs. There are many new varieties of blocks made available for various purposes. Most of these latest products can be bought from online stores at reasonable price rates.

Size: It is essential to know how many glass bricks are needed to install the brick wall. There should be a horizontal and vertical support for these walls so that it is strong in structure. It is important to have reinforcing wires or spacers for better support and strength. Some of the latest and modern installation techniques involve the use of wood frames and aluminum grids to install the blocks together. It is a stylish and chic alternative compared to the standard installation materials.

Type Of Support Materials: Even though these blocks can carry its weight, it is quite important to support the structure. Different types of base items can be installed under these walls such as acrylic, concrete floors and so forth. Wood counters can be used for additional support over these walls.

Anchor The Wall: It is essential to anchor the wall into an existing structure. Usually these walls are fixed together with spacers and mortar. Vertical supports can also be provided for these walls to ensure its strength and durability.

Style And Design: Unlike the earlier days, today it is easy to find a huge range of colored glasses with paintings, patterns or murals and blocks of different patterns, shapes and styles. It is possible to create distinctive designs with an array of styles and sizes of blocks made available through many of the online stores at various price rates.

It is possible to combine style, functionality and privacy requirements while installing these walls. These brick walls can be installed in a way to obtain both privacy and light.

Different skills are essential to install these walls without professional aid. A skill set which involves a combination of carpentry, masonry, grouting and glazing expertise is essential while installing these brick walls. However, there are many skilled professional contractors listed in many of the online sites who offer services in this specific field.